Intelligent disinfection Robot for safer, healthier spaces

OhmniClean™ UV-C Disinfection Robot eliminates 99.99% of pathogens quickly and safely.

The World’s Premier Disinfection Robot

Bring hospital-grade disinfection to any environment. With 10,000+ hours of testing at top hospitals, schools, and offices, our OhmniClean™ disinfection robot is proven to be more affordable and effective than manual UV-C systems.

High Efficacy

High Efficacy

Tested and proven effective by third party laboratories to disable pathogens such as C. diff, MRSA, and VRE within minutes.


Easy to Use

Train staff in less than 10 mins. Disinfect large rooms within 15 mins. Monitor all activities with instant notifications.


Fast & Affordable

Autonomously navigates complex environments. Proven to be 2x faster and 60% lower cost than Pulsed Xenon systems.

Extremely Simple
& User Friendly

Our disinfection robot is easy to set up and requires minimal training, our user-friendly software allows you to start disinfecting any space with a single touch. Whether you’re disinfecting smaller spaces like patient rooms or larger areas like waiting rooms and surgical suites, the process remains simple, fast, and effective.

How does OhmniClean™ UV-C Robot know where to disinfect?

Our revolutionary QuickMap™ technology allows you to easily and quickly map any room – a 1,000 sq ft room can be mapped in less than 5 minutes. All that’s required is walking the OhmniClean unit through your desired route — that’s it! The mapped information is stored in the cloud and can be used multiple times. If a room’s layout changes, the process is so easy that it can be re-mapped and ready for disinfection in no time at all.

OhmniClean UV-C Disinfection Robot


Motion sensors, remote switches, and an active safety system

Intelligent Safety & Reporting

Motion sensors and remote switches create a proven safety system to ensure your team is protected from any exposure to UV light. Detailed cleaning reports are instantly available to verify the effectiveness of your cleaning session.

What are OhmniClean’s UV-C Robot reporting capabilities?

Upon completion of each session, you can immediately view a variety of reports and information — including in-room position tracking and heat maps — to ensure that a complete and thorough disinfection was achieved. Having access to real-time, auditable reports of your disinfection robot will help you maintain compliance standards and further keep your patients and staff safe.

Reporting scaled


Designed for Simplicity

At only 59 lbs, OhmniClean™ is easy to transport, with a small footprint that makes navigating tight spaces a breeze. And with the instant-swap battery, you get all-day power with zero downtime, providing the highest utilization rate among available disinfection robots.


See How It Works


Revolutionary QuickMap™

Mapping a new space couldn’t be easier with our QuickMap™ technology

fast simple

Fast & Simple Disinfection

Quickly disinfect an entire room with only the touch of a button


How OhmniClean™ Works

From start to finish, the disinfection process is effortless with OhmniClean

The Future of Disinfection

OhmniClean™ is the innovative choice for disinfection. No matter your industry or business, our fully autonomous UV-C robot is the premier solution to handle the ever-increasing demand for disinfection.


Fight HAIs and keep your patients safe. Faster cleans, reduced labor costs, and real-time reports — all with just the touch of a button.

Commercial Cleaning

Provide hospital-grade disinfection with ease. With its compact & lightweight design, you can take on more clients with less staff.



59 lbs
14” W x 18” L
Aluminum, UV-resistant plastic


Operating time at maximum disinfection power
24h+ continuous with instant-swap batteries
How does this work?

Instantly swap the battery on OhmniClean whenever charge is low – with no interruption to  disinfection.  Each battery can be charged independently so you always have power to clean.  Never stop disinfecting.

Per-battery operating time 2 hrs avg. use, 10+ hrs idle
Per-battery charging 1h – Ultra-fast 600W charging

Charging Input 100-120V AC, 50-60Hz (220-240V versions available upon request)
Charging connector Any standard AC wall outlet


Passive Safety Systems
UV-C Light Module Cover, Physical Safety Plugs/Switch
Active Safety Systems
Motion Sensors (Accelerometers etc.), Integrated Warning Signs, Remote Start/Stop Function


Fully autonomous mapping and cleaning
Device Management
Remote updates and access control
Reporting & Auditing
Detailed audit logs and cleaning reports
Network (Disinfection)
Internet connection not required while disinfecting
Network (Idle)
Dual-band Wireless, 802.11 Dual-band Wireless, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n

UV-C Lights

8 x 75W high output, 254nm UV-C Lamps
Low-pressure Mercury (2.0mg)
Output Power
600W output and lifetime
Dual-cooling fans for optimized power and efficiency
Average Rated Lifetime
9000 hr / Lamp

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