OhmniLabs Announces Strategic Partnership with Lovell

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OhmniLabs Announces Strategic Partnership with Lovell to Make Collaborative Robots Accessible to Federal Healthcare

April 20, 2022, 15:30 GMT

Partnership grants US government customers access to OhmniClean, the new UV-C Disinfection Robot from OhmniLabs, along with Ohmni Telepresence Robot.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, US, April 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — OhmniLabs is proud to announce a partnership with Lovell Government Services, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), to add OhmniClean and Ohmni Telepresence Robot to major government contract vehicles. This development is significant as it helps streamline the acquisition experience for government customers and helps government entities meet their SDVOSB procurement goals.

OhmniClean and Ohmni Telepresence Robot are two of OhmniLabs’ flagship robots. OhmniClean is the world’s lightest, most efficient autonomous UV-C disinfection robot. Weighing just 59 pounds, OhmniClean aims to eliminate the risk of bacteria and viral transmission and can disinfect a 3,000 sq ft space in less than 15 minutes. Independent testing shows that OhmniClean’s continuous 254nm UV-C Disinfection solution rapidly eliminates pathogens like MRSA, C. diff, VRE, P. aeruginosa, E. coli and SARS-CoV-2 with an efficacy of 99.999%.

Our robots are a vital part of ensuring government workplaces can return to normal.”

— Tra Vu, Chief Operating Officer at OhmniLabs

Government customers are also able to purchase Ohmni Telepresence Robot, which allows users to remotely access a location while being fully mobile and able to communicate with others. Through a video tablet attached to wheels, controlling an Ohmni Telepresence Robot is as easy as logging on to a video call.

Lovell is an SDVOSB vendor that specializes in optimizing government sales and winning contract awards. With this partnership, OhmniLabs robots will be added to various government contract vehicles, which will make the robots more accessible to all government organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). The OhmniLabs robots have already been approved for the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), contract number V797D – 50450. The potential of these technologies is especially valuable to federal healthcare facilities. Ohmni Telepresence Robot makes quality, remote healthcare a reality and OhmniClean ensures labs and rooms are properly disinfected. Government customers can order OhmniClean and Ohmni Telepresence Robots through Lovell.

“Our partnership with Lovell to provide government facilities with cutting-edge robotics technology will be a significant revenue stream for OhmniLabs,” said Tra Vu, Chief Operating Officer at OhmniLabs. “Our robots are a vital part of ensuring government workplaces can return to normal. OhmniClean enables safe, cleaner environments, and Ohmni Telepresence Robots allow workers to visit the office without exposing themselves to disease.”

“Lovell is proud to partner with OhmniLabs to make its UV-C cleaning and telepresence robots available to US federal government workers. Whether it’s hospitals that serve our veterans or research offices that need to be kept sterilized, OhmniLabs will be a vital partner for the federal government’s needs,” said Shawn Corcoran, Chief Operating Officer at Lovell Government Services.

View the OhmniLabs media kit here.

About OhmniLabs
OhmniLabs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based robotics company that produces custom robots at scale, based on its modular Ohmni Robotics platform. Founded in 2015, OhmniLabs made a name for itself by creating a unique, on-demand robot manufacturing model that allows it to design, engineer and manufacture custom robots based on customer needs at unrivaled speed. The company produces all robots here in the USA using proprietary 3D printing processes and boasts a vast portfolio of modular accessories that unlock a world of possibilities. OhmniLabs robots are used daily by businesses, medical professionals, schools, and major sports teams around the world.

About Lovell Government Services
Lovell Government Services Inc. was founded by Chris Lovell, Major USMC Retired, in 2013 out of a desire to continue to serve by providing specialty Medical and Surgical Resources to the Veterans Administration Hospital System and the U.S. Military Medical Networks. Having served for over 24 years, Chris also wanted to ensure America’s Warfighters had access to the most advanced lifesaving resources available on and off the battlefield. Lovell partners with medical and pharmaceutical companies looking to better serve Veteran and Military patient populations, increase their federal revenue stream, and win government contracts. Learn more at www.lovellgov.com

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