AI-Powered Robots Ease Healthcare Staffing Toll

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Press Releases

Chronic shortages accelerate rise of autonomous tech

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2023 / — After a two-day strike, 7,000 nurses in New York are returning to work. This strike is the latest in a series that started last year with 6 labor unions and included 32,000 nurses across the country. Heavily impacted by the demands of the pandemic, healthcare workers are now experiencing even higher levels of burnout and fatigue. A global shortage of healthcare workers, estimated at 18 million by the World Health Organization, has only exacerbated the issue. In the United States, the nursing shortage is projected to reach over 1 million by 2030. A survey by AMN Healthcare found that 85% of US hospitals reported staffing shortages, with over half of those hospitals indicating severe shortages.

In an effort to tackle unprecedented labor shortages, many hospitals are turning toward technology — such as automated disinfection — to help keep their organizations running efficiently. Particularly, the OhmniClean UV-C robot provides automated disinfection that is effective, thorough, and backed by science. OhmniClean uses advanced AI technology to autonomously navigate around any space, delivering pathogen-destroying UV light to every surface in a room.

A hospital EVS crew cleaning a room.

This type of automated disinfection is the perfect augmentation for any healthcare organization, especially those dealing with a staffing crunch. According to major hospitals, using an OhmniClean Autonomous UV-C Robot, a full-time employee can now disinfect more rooms than previously possible. This allows their already-short EVS staff to turn their time and effort toward other responsibilities that may have otherwise been neglected due to a lack of hands on deck.

“Unfortunately, staffing shortages are now chronic. One of the best ways to maintain your facility’s high health and safety standards is by implementing autonomous robots like OhmniClean.”

— Dr. Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs Co-founder & CEO

Although overall job numbers seem to be increasing, healthcare may be lagging behind, leading to even more severe staffing problems in the future. According to some prognostications, the healthcare industry could see a shortage of more than half a billion across all areas of the industry by 2025. In 2021, The American Nurses Association asked Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to declare the nursing shortage a national crisis.

By utilizing robotic technology such as automated disinfection, hospitals can weather the storm of present-day staffing shortages and any future occurrences. Additionally, they provide a cleaner, safer environment for team members as they re-enter the workforce, allowing them to return to providing a high level of patient care without worry.

About OhmniLabs
Founded in 2015 by robotics experts Jared Go, Tingxi Tan, and serial entrepreneur Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley robotics company that produces service robots at scale. With over 4,000 robots deployed worldwide in 50 countries, OhmniLabs made a name for itself by creating a unique, on-demand robot manufacturing model that allows it to design, engineer, and manufacture custom robots based on customer needs at unrivaled speed. The company produces all robots in the USA using proprietary 3D printing processes and boasts a vast portfolio of modular accessories that unlock a world of possibilities. OhmniLabs telepresence and UV-C disinfecting robots are used daily by businesses, medical professionals, schools, and major sports teams around the world.

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