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Elevate Your Remote Work to a New Level

Enhance productivity and team satisfaction in your company’s remote work. With Ohmni telepresence robots, you’ll have the proper tools to enable employees for remote work and allow your business to continue to thrive.

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As Close as It Gets to Physically Being There

Our telepresence robot is your dynamic remote work solution. Greater agency than a standard video call. Real-time work experience from anywhere in the world.

360-degree Mobility

Interactive Screen

Floor-to-ceiling Video

Far-field Speakers & Mic

Virtual Work That Builds Culture

With a telepresence robot, remote employees can feel like they’re right there in the office. They can move from one room to the next, control what aspects of a presentation they’re viewing, and join other team members for camaraderie-building moments, such as lunches or even quick coffee breaks.

Advanced Features for Exceptional Remote Work

High-definition video and audio

Crystal clear communication from anywhere

Unrivaled customer support

Robust support team standing by to help

Whisper-quiet operation

Glide-drive tech can traverse any surface

Lightweight and portable

Only 20 lbs. and foldable for easy transport

Full mobility and tilting neck

Untethered video calls for company interaction

End-to-end encryption

Maximum security for your communications

Ohmni vs. Video Conferencing

Freedom to move through a remote space.
Superior audio quality to hear and be heard from across the room.
Ultra-responsive, tilting neck to maximize field of view.
Have a physical presence in a remote location.
Doesn't require another device to connect with others.
Move around with confidence thanks to HD wide-angle cameras.
No app to download.

Customer Spotlight

“Having the Ohmni Robot changed everything about remote work. It made working remotely as seamless as being there in person.”
Namsom Pham

“Sometimes the important things are how something’s done. You can’t pull that out from analyzing a set of data. It adds richness and context to the mutual understanding on both sides.”
Gore Innovation Center

“This has become a big avenue for us to help customers all over the country. This has taken our ability to connect with customers to a different level.”

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