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Manual vs. Autonomous UV-C Disinfection
Which is Better?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities that use autonomous UV disinfection see:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Faster turnover times

Download a FREE guide on the key differences and why autonomy is the best solution for disinfection.

“OhmniClean is the perfect addition to the disinfection protocols. It’s improved our workflow and sped up our overall process. My staff loves OhmniClean’s simplified and intuitive process. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”


   Leo Williams
   Clean Sweep Group CEO/President

“The OhmniClean robot is incredibly easy to use. My team was able to get it up and running after just ten minutes of training. The robot’s autonomy allows our staff to clean multiple rooms while the robot disinfects other areas of a property. The whole process is quick and efficient.”


   Hector Garcia
    President of ProClean Janitorial

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