Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the frequently asked questions. If you need additional support, please head over to our Help Desk.

Ohmni robot is light and portable, weighing in at around 18 lbs or 6 kg.

Below are the fields of view for Ohmni Standard and Ohmni Supercam.  Thanks to Ohmni’s tilting neck and ability to swivel in-place, you can easily get a near 360-degree view of the environment.

Ohmni Standard:
88 degrees horizontal; 51 cm @ 30 cm distance
58 degrees vertical; 36 cm @ 30 cm distance
112 degrees diagonal; 79 cm @ 30 cm distance

Ohmni Supercam:
109 degrees horizontal; 84 cm @ 30 cm distance
80 degrees vertical; 50 cm @ 30 cm distance
138 degrees diagonal; 157 cm @ 30 cm distance

Ohmni web application ( has been tested on most browsers, including Chrome and Safari (v11 and up). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Because we use the latest WebRTC technology, end users do not need to manually update.  Instead, updates are pushed directly to the Ohmni robot over our cloud servers.

No, Ohmni uses a three wheelbase for stability and a steady picture. This also reduces Ohmni robot’s power consumption.

No, but there are companies that will build a custom rigid case if needed; such as Pelican.

Though you might not need one because Ohmni robot can fold and fit nicely in a seat. Just make sure to buckle Ohmni in for safety. If you need to fly with Ohmni robot, most people package Ohmni using its original packaging. For instruction on packing Ohmni please see out “How to package Ohmni”article here.

The One-Time Pin, or OTP, code is used to associate the new Ohmni robot with the owner’s account. The unique One Time Pin is found on Ohmni’s screen when you first setup the robot.

*Note that the One-Time-Pin (OTP) deactivates after the first use. To set up other users after registering Ohmni, please use the sharing functionality.

To set up and activate your Ohmni using your OTP, please visit our “First-time setup” article.

Yes, Ohmni robot uses the same plugs that you use to connect a laptop or household appliance.

Rarely. Ohmni is designed to always stay upright by packing most of the weight in the base. Due to this three points of contact, Ohmni rarely falls or tips, but there are a few circumstances when you should use caution while operating Ohmni.

  1. Ohmni will know if a wheel is not able to move and will stop moving to prevent a tip or fall. Backing up or running into the edge of a table is harder for Ohmni to detect. Be cautious when driving around obstacles that can bump or push Ohmni’s middle section.
  2. There are certain shaggy surfaces, like a shag rug or carpet, that can make traction on the wheels difficult for Ohmni. This can lead to Ohmni becoming wobbly and unstable. When on these surfaces please reduce your speed and drive with caution.
  3. When confronted with small obstacles like power cords, floor transitions, and bumps, Ohmni is designed to roll over them with ease. Though with all obstacles, especially larger bumps, there are risks of tipping and we recommend going over bumps straight on rather than at an angle.

Ohmni’s batteries will last up to 6 hours in a call and around 12 hours on standby. If your Ohmni is left on and off the charger for over an hour, it will go to sleep to conserve battery. The batteries charge at about the same rate that they discharge. So if the battery is half full, it will take about 3 hours to get a full charge.

We recommend leaving Ohmni turned on and docked at its charging station so it will always be ready for your next call. To make this process easier Ohmni has a built-in auto-docking feature, please see “Does Ohmni dock itself?” article here.

Ohmni robot can travel up to 2mph, about the speed of a steady walk. The speed can be controlled through a slider in the user interface or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

No. They must have a user account that has been given access to the Ohmni either through our One-Time activation pin or being shared access by the owner.

To see how to share access to additional users see our “Share Ohmni with other users” article.

Ohmni Standard and Supercam models are not designed for outside use but people have and do use them outside on hard surfaces, like concrete and hardwood patios.

Our developer edition has an outdoor option, please contact us for more information.

Yes. You can drive with special controls for touchscreen devices, similar to video game controller.

Today, Ohmni robot can be connected to just one remote device (driver) at a time.

It is easy however to include multiple participants by using a 3rd party conferencing tool, like Zoom, and sharing your driving session. We are actively working on creating the ability for multiple users to an Ohmni robot.

We do not currently connect with a 3rd party video conferencing tools today for two reasons:

  1. Videoconferencing clients don’t have driving controls
  2. We use the latest video technology – WebRTC.  It’s supposed to be a standard, but it is not 100% compatible between vendors yet.

* We are keeping an open mind and may support this feature in the future.

Yes, Ohmni robot can be rolled around easily with a slight push to disengage the wheels brakes. It rolls easily when folded, too!

Weighing only 18lb or 6 kg, you can lift Ohmni robot easily if you need to carry it upstairs or over an obstacle.

We do not currently support recording in our software. For many that is a privacy issue. You can use a 3rd party recording software if needed.

Still have questions? Please head over to our Help Desk.