Verifying Efficacy of a Hospital UV Disinfection Robot

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When using a hospital UV disinfection robot such as OhmniClean, you can easily confirm the disinfection efficacy by using dosimeters.

Ensuring effective disinfection practices is paramount to maintaining safe and healthy environments. But to verify if your chosen method is effective, you must have tangible data showing its efficacy. Thankfully, when using a hospital UV disinfection robot such as OhmniClean, you can easily confirm the disinfection efficacy by using dosimeters — a tool specifically designed to measure the amount of UV light in a given area. 

Thanks to our partnership with Intellego Technologies, dosimeter cards are provided to all our clients and will help ensure that your disinfection procedures are working as intended. So in this article, we’ll dive into how dosimeters show the efficacy of a hospital uv disinfection robot and why it’s important to obtain accurate disinfection data.

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Dosimeters for Hospital UV Disinfection Robot

A UV dosimeter is a device designed to measure and monitor UV exposure. Depending on its design, it can provide a quantitative assessment of UV intensity, duration, and cumulative dose. They work by incorporating a chemical indicator that undergoes a measurable change, such as a color shift or chemical transformation when exposed to UV light. This chemical change provides visual feedback and quantifiable data, allowing users to verify if their hospital UV disinfection robot has delivered a sufficient dose of UV energy to effectively disinfect the targeted areas.

Dosimeters from Intellego Technologies

Intellego’s dosimeters provide a simple and effective solution to verify the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection cycles. These adhesive indicator cards can be conveniently placed on a range of surfaces within a room, including beds, control panels, medical instruments, and toilets. Once applied, the dosimeters offer real-time visual feedback, enabling users to confirm the delivery of a sufficient dose of germicidal irradiation during the UV-C disinfection process. This ensures consistent and thorough disinfection, ultimately enhancing the safety of the treated environment.

Dosimeters placed to verify the efficacy of a hospital UV disinfection robot.

Importance of Measuring Efficacy with Dosimeters

In order to ensure the efficacy of your hospital UV disinfection robot, proper dosimeter usage is crucial. Since the disinfection process must take place with nobody present in the room, it could be difficult to verify that thorough disinfection took place. But thankfully, the Intellego dosimeter cards can confirm that the UV light was properly delivered to all intended spots and surfaces.

“Because UV-C is an invisible technology and performed in unoccupied areas, it’s important to use auditing tools like color-changing indicators to validate the performance of the technology. Our dosimeters make it simple for healthcare facilities to measure and monitor the use of UV-C and provide proof of its power and performance.”

—Claes Lindahl, CEO of Intellego Technologies

More specifically, it’s important to note that certain pathogens may require a stronger dose of UV light to be eliminated. For example, C. diff is much more resilient than MRSA or influenza, and thus needs a greater amount of disinfectant to be inactivated. Our hospital UV disinfection robot, OhmniClean, gives you the option to easily increase the dosage of UV delivered, so you can tailor the process to target a specific pathogen. Then, by using the Intellego dosimeter cards, you can verify that the proper amount of UV was delivered.

Whether you’re using your hospital UV disinfection robot in a patient room, an OR, or even a general waiting area, having the visual results of a dosimeter card will let you rest easy and confidently in your disinfection practices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dosimeters

Q: How do UV dosimeters work?
A: UV dosimeters work by either chemical reactions that produce color changes or electronic systems that convert UV radiation into measurable electric currents.

Q: How accurate are UV dosimeters?
A: When properly calibrated and used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, UV dosimeters can provide accurate measurements of a hospital UV disinfection robot.

Q: Can dosimeters measure different UV wavelengths?
A: Yes, dosimeters can be designed to measure specific UV wavelengths, allowing for targeted measurements in various applications.

Q: Are UV dosimeters reusable?
A: Some dosimeters are reusable, while others may be designed for single-use. The product specifications should clarify whether a dosimeter is reusable or disposable.

Q: How often should dosimeters be calibrated?
A: Dosimeters should be calibrated periodically as recommended by the manufacturer or following established calibration schedules.

Q: What is the lifespan of a UV dosimeter?
A: The lifespan of a UV dosimeter varies depending on the type, usage, and manufacturer. Following proper storage and maintenance practices can extend the dosimeter’s lifespan.

Q: Are dosimeters affected by temperature and humidity?
A: Extreme temperatures and high humidity levels can impact the performance and accuracy of dosimeters. It is important to store and use dosimeters within the specified temperature and humidity ranges.

OhmniClean Hospital UV Disinfection Robot in a hospital

Conclusion – Verifying Efficacy of a Hospital UV Disinfection Robot

Incorporating UV dosimeters into the disinfection process of a hospital UV disinfection robot, such as OhmniClean, offers a reliable and effective means of ensuring the efficacy of UV-C disinfection cycles. We’re extremely grateful for our partnership with Intellego Technologies, enabling our clients to confidently measure and monitor the delivery of UV disinfection with dosimeter cards. This verification process is crucial for maintaining safe healthcare environments, as it provides tangible evidence of thorough disinfection, giving peace of mind to providers and ensuring the well-being of patients and staff. With UV dosimeters, accurate disinfection data is easily attainable.

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