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The Ohmni Robot Raises Funds for Underprivileged College Students in Vietnam

Monday October 9, 2017

Apart from being a telepresence robot that helps to connect people from anywhere in the world, Ohmni took on a new role last Saturday at a fundraiser – “Our Untold Journey” organized by VietSeeds Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to bringing equal access to college education for underprivileged students in Vietnam.

Ohmni’s auction at the event brought about 6,000 USD, which is an equivalent of 6 scholarships that will help to cover 75% of the tuition and living expenses for 6 Viet Seeds for one year in college. Apart from that, all the Seeds also receive trainings and worksphops outside of their academic study to prepare them for the real world challenges.
OhmniLabs’ CEO and co-founder Thuc Vu happens to be one of the two founders of VietSeeds. The other co-founder is Vu Van, the co-founder of Elsa Speak App. They both share one same value which led them to establish VietSeeds together.  “I have been very lucky all my life so far to be supported by many people I have encountered on my path. I just want to pay it forward, and that was one of the reasons why I founded VietSeeds,” said Thuc.

If you have tried out Ohmni for other purposes, please share with us your story here!