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Techlicious | 9 Smart Home & Health Gadgets to Improve Everyday Life

Saturday August 18, 2018

In this article, Techlicious featured Ohmni as a technology that can improve everyday life.

There are many ways technology can improve your everyday life beyond your smartphone. In particular, products that help you live a healthier, more stress-free life can make a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. We partnered with the Consumer Technology Association to identify nine of the best smart home, smart health and smart lifestyle gadgets.

Ohmni Telepresence Robot

There are plenty of apps that let you video chat with friends and family, but the Ohmni Telepresence Robot goes beyond talking through a computer screen. Instead, the Ohmni is a screen mounted on a robotic base that can roll around to bring the conversation to anywhere in the house — making virtual chats more like real life chats.

It’s designed for the sort of simplicity you need when communicating with the elderly or those who may not be terribly tech savvy. When you make a call with Ohmni, no one needs to answer: the robot automatically picks up and announces you’re there. Just navigate the stable three-wheeled bot around the home to find and talk to your loved one. A 10″ display and far-field speaker make it easy to see and hear the caller, while an ultra-wide-angle camera and microphone let you see everything around the Ohmni. When you’re done chatting, just drive the Ohmni to its docking station — when you get close, it will automatically dock to charge.

It’s a great way to connect families, letting you have conversations just like you were in the room together.[/vc_column_text]


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