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San Francisco Chronicle: Robots to help families check in on Bay Area seniors

Wednesday October 12, 2016

She sat on the plush sofa at the back of the room in Walnut Creek, watching, as her neighbors strolled and laughed and talked with the robot.

It was the first time Lou Fleming, 90, had ever seen such a thing. And she had been working with computers for decades. None, though, were anything like this.

The robot, a skinny contraption with a tablet perched atop a long pole fixed to a three-wheeled base, was being driven remotely by one of its creators, Jared Go.

Go, who was actually sitting in the OhmniLabs office in Santa Clara, said he felt like he was in the room. His face appeared on the tablet’s screen and his voice came through a large round speaker as he made the machine walk, nod and dance with interested seniors.

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