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Robots Will Walk Catwalk At London Fashion Week During Collaboration Between OhmniLabs And Honee

Thursday August 30, 2018

This year at London Fashion Week, people can expect to be wowed by all of the latest trends, including artificial intelligence. Thanks to a collaboration between OhmniLabs and Los Angeles designer Honee, robots will walk the catwalk there for the first time ever, detailed Fashion United.

Designer Honee described the concept behind the collection, which is called “ÁI.”

“My show this September is named ‘ÁI’, in reference to Artificial Intelligence and also the play on the Vietnamese word ÁI for love and the Chinese phonetic AI for love as well. We’re in the world of AI and loving it.”

The play on the word “A.I.” is certainly a good call, considering that OhmniLab robots will be wearing Honee’s fashion. It’s hard to know for sure how that’s going to work right now, so we’ll have to wait and see. Honee further described their intentions.

“I use fashion as the language to express the skins we are in. In my upcoming show, it’s not about the future of robots, of a world unknown, but of the presence, the Now. And OhmniLabs is ushering in the world of Now with their telepresence robots. I’m honoured and super excited to be a part of the OhmniLabs journey.”

The robots themselves look kind of like a selfie-stick on wheels. It can fold down into a compact shape, and has two front wheels and one rear wheel. The robot weighs less than 20 pounds, and has a “hand-crafted bamboo lid.” At the top is an ultra wide-angle camera with a 10″ HD display. Speakers and a microphone are also embedded in the design.

Battery life is reportedly over six-plus hours for calls, and the robots can be customized in different colors. It also has built-in Wi-Fi. The idea is that you can have the robot somewhere, and manually navigate it using a computer or phone. It also has a charging dock for easy power.

The company OhmniLabs has just five people listed on their staff page, three of which are co-founders. Thuc Vu is a co-founder and CEO, and is a self-proclaimed “AI and algorithms expert.” Jard Go, co-founder and CTO, is also into AI, VR, engineering and a “roboticist.” Tingxi Tan, the final co-founder, is a “software and systems expert.”

Fashion designer Honee, on the other hand, focuses on social themes. She said that “Fashion is a sculpture in living form. You will not have to sacrifice comfort nor style for function and wearability.”

It’ll be interesting to find out how Honee dresses up the Ohmni robots, considering that they’re very small and thin. Perhaps Honee will use the 10″ display to her advantage to complement whatever fashion the robots will wear.