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Robot Model on the Runway

Wednesday September 19, 2018

Designers for fashion shows have always aimed at pushing the boundaries of acceptability, but this week, Los Angeles-based designer Honee has gone one step further by showcasing a crystal encrusted robot model on the runway at London Fashion Week.

While the Silicon Valley-based OhmniLabs device has been likened to a household vacuum cleaner or an iPad on-a-stick-on-wheels – what’s really threatening the future of supermodels isn’t physical robots but computer graphic imaging (CGI) designs that are so life-like they can easily be mistaken as being real.

In April 2017, London based fashion photographer, Cameron-James Wilson created ‘Shudu’ a 3D rendered an uber-lifelike digital model that caught the social media world by storm. His experience as a beauty photographer and re-toucher enabled him to create a character using Daz3D software that is so lifelike, that it instantly went viral on Instagram with users questioning whether they could spot it was a fake.

While Wilson has come under criticism as being a white male who has created a digital black woman, the rise of CGI models as brand influencers and even as substitutes for real-life models is an issue that has largely escaped public scrutiny – until now.

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