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Reuters | Robotics Trends at ICRA

Tuesday May 21, 2019

The latest robotics trends on display at this year’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation isn’t looking ahead to science fiction scenarios but revolves around the fine-tuning of existing tech. At this conference, OhmniLabs is giving participants first looks at its latest Ohmni Developer Edition platform that aims to make robotics development faster and easier.

“Forget a fantasy future. The technology on show here is a lot more down-to-earth. Maturity is one of the main themes at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, an annual event this time taking place in Montreal.

“The big trends this year revolve less around sci-fi scenarios and are rooted a lot closer to home. ‘We’re going to see very soon, your house becoming smart — the interoperation of many devices in your house together to make the house as a whole become a robot that can help you. We’re going to see robot arms that can help disabled people actually do things and manipulate things right now, today, in the next couple of years.’

“From young startups to industry veterans, brands unveiled their blockbuster inventions, many of which focused on the fine-tuning of technology that’s been around for a few years — think self-driving cars that never crash or humanoids with a sense of personal space.

“From a scientific basis, we’re seeing systems that don’t just do some sort of simple, narrow task but generalize across multiple tasks. And they do things like understand the causes and effects of what they do. So if something is being balanced on a table, they might understand why it’s balanced — essentially learning physics and learning the way things behave. Learning more and more to do cognitive things. A really exciting thing is robots learning about people. And by learning about what people want and what they need, they serve them better. That’s a huge emerging trend.”

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