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Reinventing the telepresence robot market

Friday September 28, 2018

Beyond the workplace, the telepresence robot can be a game-changer in many unexpected sectors like healthcare, senior centers or education. Imagine a child undergoing cancer treatment, who can finally join their class at school!  The real-life applications are widespread. The team at OhmniLabs created a robot that is not only super simple to set up, but also easy to use and control remotely. Katie Linendoll chats with Jill Nguyen about reinventing the telepresence market.

What does Ohmni actually look like?

It’s very sleek! It’s an Android tablet with two cameras that allows you to see what’s ahead of you and around the three wheels so that you can drive it around easily. It weighs about 18 pounds and it’s foldable which makes it easy to move around. The entire unit is 3D-printed!

How does autodocking work for charging?

You can always maneuver the robot back to the back. It locks magnetically and a light lets you know it’s charging. With autodocking, you calibrate the robot the first time you use it so it learns to recognize the dock and learn how to find it’s way back to the dock. If you’re having a conversation through the robot and your battery is running low, you can press one button on your keyword, at which point the robot will look around and automatically drive itself to the dock.

Explain what OhmniLabs does.

OhmniLabs was founded in 2015 in Santa Clara, California. We reinvented home robots. The telepresence robotics space is not new but the price point has been pretty high for consumers and we weren’t seeing any new, exciting innovation in the space. Our product, Ohmni, is 3D-printed, made in California. You can buy one from our website and put it in a home with your parents, for example, for when you want to be with them and share moments with them. You can easily dial in and control Ohmni remotely.

To listen to the full interview, go to EP 87: OhmniLabs : Reinventing Telepresence Robots