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OhmniLabs Unveils DevKit for Telepresence Robotics Applications

Thursday May 24, 2018

OhmniLabs makes affordable robots that bring people together and now the lab unveils new devkit for telepresence robotics to enable faster, easier and less expensive development of customized robotic applications.

The lab stated that the robot provides an unprecedented emotional connection while allowing for interaction in a way that no existing tool can match. With the help of lean and scalable manufacturing, OhmniLabs robots are made in the USA.

OhmniLabs’s new development kit named DevKit which allows developers to plug in USB devices as well as other custom hardware such as servos, lights, Arduino-based electronics and many more.

The kit will include a 3D-printed mounting bracket kit, an Arduino-based flashlight sample module, the Ohmni Dev Edition along with Robot Operating System developer libraries. Besides, it includes a serial adapter kit and an Arduino power.

Apart from this, the lab also exposed an in-call Ohmni application programming interface to control the devices from remote places. The company said that the kit will start at $2,500, with modules as well as accessories being added over the coming months.

Co-founder and chief technology officer of OhmniLabs, Jared Go said, “We found that the common thing everyone would ask is if they could add some extension to the robot that would make it fit their particular use case.” Further, he said that the development kit was driven by feedback from customers and partners.

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