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OhmniLabs was recently featured on the cover of Nikkei Robotics, a Japanese robotics magazine. The Global Watch story features an interview with OhmniLabs COO, Dr. Tra Vu, and highlights OhmniLabs current business model which provides hardware and software services for developers in support of custom robotics.

OhmniLabs Nikkei Robotics Global Watch

We have made the Developer Platforms as open, affordable, and modifiable as possible.  The platform comes with a cloud development API, powerful hardware and extensible software with ROS support that allows users to start robot development in minutes.

We are grateful for this press coverage by a well-regarded publication committed to sharing the latest R&D trends, corporate moves, national strategies and regulatory direction of breakthrough technology positioned to change the world.

About Nikkei Robotics

Against the backdrop of forecasts that our world is on the threshold of being dramatically transformed by the rising wave of robotics technology, just what will the robots destined to excel in that arena consist of, what can we expect to occur as a result of these changes, and how will the robotics business adapt and evolve as this transition comes to pass? NIKKEI Robotics is a magazine conceived to supply the information necessary to keenly address such queries from the standpoints of technology and business. Learn more.

About OhmniLabs

OhmniLabs is changing the paradigm of robotics development. We thrive at creating flexible robotics modules and scalable additive manufacturing processes. Every engineer (software, electrical, mechanical) on our team is cross-trained on production engineering. This tight vertical integration ensures that we solve problems at the most efficient level.

Our flagship product, the Ohmni Robot, is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how people connect, from their homes, businesses, classrooms, to hospitals.

Our Ohmni Developer Edition is based on more than 200 mature hardware and software modules. It is an affordable human-scale open platform that includes our cloud-based JS framework OhmniAPI. We offer developers, researchers, and students the ability to program Ohmni robots as easily as developing web pages. We continually extend the capabilities of the framework to allow for high-level tasks through autonomous navigation and image/audio recognition. Learn more.

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