OhmniLabs’ partner, Telefam.io, discussed using the Ohmni Robot for geriatric care in a recent blog post.

Use of Telepresence Robotics in Geriatric Care

Telefam, Ohmni Robot for Geriatric Care, OhmniLabs, telepresence robot

We have been using Tele Presence Robots in Singaporean homes since 2017 as prices for such devices falls from the height in the early 2000s.

Tele Presence robotics has many advantages, but the most useful use will be the ability to connect to Older Adults in their homes without the need for response from the other side of the line.

Many Older Adults may not charge their mobile phones regularly or not pick up the phones sometimes, fearing of scam calls or occasionally muting the phone unknowingly.

Telefam, Ohmni Robot for Geriatric Care, OhmniLabs, telepresence robot

There are multiple use cases for such connectivity, and one of the most frequent need of such communication will be when the family is not living in the same country as the OIder Adults. A less common use case will be for the family who might not be able to come back in time for the wake or funeral of the Older Adults!

Telefam, Ohmni Robot for Geriatric Care, OhmniLabs, telepresence robot

Similar to many of us praying daily for protection from Gods and Deities, using such technology can bring everyone closer to the Older Adults staying at home alone. We see that as an additional layer of protection!

Telefam, Robot for Geriatric Care, OhmniLabs, telepresence robot

For TeleFAM, we have been partnering our Tele Presence Robotic partner Ohmnilabs and they have their own use cases https://ohmnilabs.com/content/ohmni-for-senior-care/ for Older Adults.

We are proud to know our partner was recently awarded by ZDNET | BEST TELEPRESENCE ROBOTS IN 2020 https://ohmnilabs.com/content/best-telepresence-robots-in-2020/ and with the Pandemic ongoing, the use case for Tele Presence Robotics will increase, at home use or in clinics/hospital.

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