Ohmni for Real Estate: Transforming the Way We Communicate

Dec 13, 2019 | Content, Events, Tech

Ohmni Real Estate Tour Office

Friday, December 6, 2019, OhmniLabs participated in the Vietnam Real Estate Summit (VRES) the premiere event for Vietnam’s real estate industry. Over 1000 attendees, mostly real estate investors, gathered to learn more about the current real estate market, get informed about current projects and learn about new technology specific to the industry. Speakers included experts in real estate, economics, finance, technology and new solutions/trends in the real estate industry in Vietnam and abroad (Singapore, Dubai, USA, etc).

Hai Dang, Director Of Engineering, represented OhmniLabs in his presentation, “Consumer Robotics & How it Transforms the Way We Communicate” which discussed new real estate-focused features OhmniLabs has developed to improve the real estate buying or leasing experience.

These new, conceptual features include instant, life-like virtual tours of properties along with data collection based on client feedback.

Ohmni for Real Estate: Transforming the Way We Communicate

In this image, the client is able to tour the property and provide instant feedback to her agent, the seller’s agent and/or seller. 

Clients can also use augmented reality (AR) to envision their future home with just a few clicks. In the image below, the buyer can choose between couch colors and sizes without having to imagine new furniture in an empty home. 

For corporate clients, OhmniLabs can provide virtual tours with multiple team members or callers. Not everyone has to track across town to visit potential new office space.

Ohmni for real estate, touring office space

Other real estate-specific features OhmniLabs is creating for their Ohmni robot include:

  • Remote monitoring of luxury vacation homes
  • Virtual visits of office space, cleanrooms and/or hazardous places
  • Monitoring construction progress and compliance 
  • Security services alongside human guards

OhmniLabs Custom Robotics Development

OhmniLabs is an end-to-end, robotics solution specializing in design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Many businesses want to launch robotics applications to capture new values but are held back because:

  • Development is slow, expensive, and hard
  • Manufacturing is complicated & costly
  • Deployment  and service are complex

With domain expertise in both robotics hardware and software, OhmniLabs can help companies overcome obstacles to robotics development and help them achieve their goals at a lower cost and in less time than traditional robotics development. Our accessible library of tech modules combined with our ultra-lean development and manufacturing process, allows our clients to reduce their risk, cost, and time when creating their own customized robotics solutions.

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About VRES

Vietnam Real Estate Summit (VRES) is a premier event in the real estate industry, held by the No.1 real estate portal in Vietnam, Batdongsan.com.vn, since 2014. VRES 2019 gathers leaders, experts in Vietnam and Global real estate businesses to connect, network and share their knowledge, provide an overview, statements, and market forecast about Vietnam’s real estate market, and introduces new solutions, technologies and trends in the real estate industry.

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