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Ohmni Bot – Telepresence robot produced by 3D printing technology of Vietnamese people

Wednesday October 10, 2018

VietTimes – At the Vietnam Frontier Summit event that took place on October 6, OhmniLabs – a startup in Silicon Valley brought about the introduction of a robot telepresence called Ohmni Bot.

Telepresence is a term recently introduced about remote activities displayed on television. Through radio waves, people will guide robots to perform local tasks such as remote meetings.

Ohmni Bot is telepresence robot by OhmniLabs – a startup in Silicon Valley CEO Vu Duy Thuc, designed and produced entirely by tech 3D printing . After more than 2 years of research, the 15th version of Ohmni Bot is about 1.5m tall and quite compact. The structure consists of 3 main components: 3 wheel mount base, speaker layout body, caller tablet display head and 2 wide-angle cameras.

Simple to use, just turn on the power and connect your home Wi-Fi system. Users can easily communicate with friends and relatives from a distance, via Chrome browser, Safari on PC, Mac computer or iPad. In addition, OhmniAPI – programming interface on the open platform of Ohmni Bot, will support the 3rd developer to build the application set, the extension part (Eg: Robot arm) and quickly synchronize and The most convenient.

Ohmni Bot is being offered for $ 1,495, lower than the types of robot telepresence on the market, so it has been sold to consumers around the world. OhmniLabs expects to bring 3D printing line to Vietnam in the near future to reduce production costs, as well as expand opportunities for Vietnamese people to get closer to this new technology.