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Discussing, Shaping and Investing in What’s Next in AI at the Silicon Valley Future Forum

Thursday August 17, 2017

Recently, we took time to participate in the Silicon Valley Future Forum, an artificial intelligence (AI) and investment conference, where leaders in computer science, engineering and the investment community meet to discuss what’s on the horizon for AI.

At the conference, it was no surprise to us that robotics took center stage during the forum’s investment opportunity panel. As we discussed on Press:Here this summer, we believe robotics and more specifically home robotics and telepresence tools are on the verge of expanding to include devices where deep learning, or machine perception, allow end-users, like family members monitoring aging relatives, to sense problems sooner and address them more efficiently.

The conference’s investor panel, like The Washington Post’s recent article championing Ohmni, agreed. Robotics expansion is the future.

During the forum, we were also able to demonstrate Ohmni’s ease of use and instant ability to connect audiences, families and even strangers, showing people the future, as the panel described it.

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