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Digital Trends | These kickass telepresence robots are the next best thing to teleportation

Friday November 24, 2017

Ever needed to be in two places at once? Well, thanks to miracles of modern engineering, you finally can be… sort of. Using an internet-connected telepresence robot, it’s now possible to see, hear, and navigate spaces that you do not physically inhabit. For obvious, reasons, this ability is extremely useful in a variety of different settings — whether it be a corporate office, a hospital, or even just a distant relative’s house. As such, the number of manufacturers who make and sell these telepresence robots has ballooned in the past few years, and now there are dozens of different makes and models to choose from. But who makes the best telepresence robots? Keep reading to find out!

Affordable and easy to use, the Ohmni is ready to roll almost immediately after it comes out of the box. With its 10.8″ screen and booming speaker, the bot definitely won’t have a problem bringing your presence to the room. Plus, with a stylish design, custom covers, and customize-able LED’s, the Ohmni may be the best-looking telepresence robot on the market.

It’s also quite easy to control. The Ohmni can be piloted from any computer or Android device capable of running with Google’s Chrome browser, and is controlled with simple arrow key inputs. With dual cameras (one forward, and one down), the device also provides plenty of spacial awareness, so you’ll have no problem getting around. It also features built-in WiFi, 4G, and surprisingly, Bluetooth connectivity.

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