BBC | London Fashion Week 2018: Robot Models

Jun 9, 2020 | Articles, Content, Videos

A catwalk show at London Fashion Week has divided opinions about the future of fashion. Is this the future of fashion or a fashion fail?

Robots rolled down London Fashion Week’s runway. It was covered in crystals for the show.

Fashion Designer, Honee, states, “I grew up watching George Jetson and I’m like really yeah, and I jumped at the chance to do it! I want to celebrate the human spirit via the robots, that’s it.”

“Really what Honee has been able to do is make them uber fashionable,” states Dhana Pawar from OhmniLabs.

“But it did take a long time to dress those robots, I’m telling you. It was hell,” says Honee.

What’s the verdict? London Fashion Week audience members give their opinion. “Literally godsmacked.” “It looked like my vacuum cleaner at home.” “I didn’t really get it.” “It’s the future of the runway.” “It’s really interesting and different.”

Pawar: “I don’t think we’re ever replacing humans or models. It’s just helping and really collaborating to make it even better.

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