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May 6, 2020 | Articles, Healthcare

MobileRobotGuide featured the Ohmni telepresence robot among robotic solutions for COVID-19. 


This article will introduce you to the various applications and Robotic Solutions for Covid-19. We will look exclusively at autonomous mobile robots (AMR) which are currently being deployed to help ​first responders and healthcare workers manage the COVID-19 crisis. This article will be updated frequently as more news is published and the world deals with the pandemic.

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Autonomous Mobile Robotic Solutions for Covid-19

There are a variety of applications​ and autonomous mobile robotics ​solutions for Covid-19. These applications and solution providers ​are outlined in the quick navigation table below:

Teleoperated / Telepresen​ce Solutions

 ​Teleoperated robotics and tele-medicine has been a thing for a while. But as robotic ​solutions for Covid-19, it is becoming especially critical that we separate our precious health workers from the danger of infection.

Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics is a new entrant into the hospital operations market. The Moxi robot by Diligent is unique in that it is completely autonomous and can navigate the hospital to support the nursing staff. Moxi has an onboard collaborative arm, and with its 3D vision cameras, Moxi can pickup and drop off items. Moxi can be trained to do simple operations.

Moxi can also operate in a tele-operation mode where a doctor or nurse can drive the robot around the and see and talk to patients.


OhmniLabs is a remotely operated, teleoperation/telepresence AMR that has applications in the COVID crisis a solution for both remote workers as well as in healthcare for remote monitoring of patents by nurses and doctors.

The new Ohmni Supercam contains the highest resolution camera available in a telepresence robot. A 13MP camera plus the Ohmni low-latency encoding system gives you an immersive, ultra-wide field of view without sacrificing visual detail. The system is capable of operating for 6 hours and the entire device is built from 3D printed parts (Ohmni’s parent company specializes in 3D printed manufacturing).

There are a variety of tele-presence solutions, many of which have been on the market for 5 to 10 years. Not all of these devices would be considers an autonomous mobile robots, thus we are not covering them in depth. However, these devices still have valid application for healthcare operations.

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