Telepresence for Healthcare: Ohmni Robot Donation 2020

by | May 12, 2020 | Articles, Healthcare, Senior Care

OhmniLabs is excited to announce the launch of our Ohmni Robot Donation program! We are honored to give back to healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 epidemic and to support them with our telepresence technology proudly MADE IN THE USA.

We’ve heard so many great stories from hospitals and healthcare providers already using Ohmni for patient care that we want to extend the benefits to as many people as possible.

Your organization can win a FREE award-winning Ohmni® Robot!* 

Follow all 5 steps below to enter our giveaway:

  1. Complete the form on our website by clicking here.
  2. Like this Facebook post.
  3. Watch the video in the post.
  4. In the comments to the post, use the hashtag #OhmniRobotRescue and tell us how Ohmni can help your organization.
  5. Tag your organization in your comment.

That’s it! OhmniLabs will tally the votes and notify the winners.

About Ohmni Robot

Ohmni robots are being used to help patients and healthcare heroes stay safe, preserve PPE, and create meaningful connections at over 20 health systems. Providers are reaching beyond walls to overcome challenges and elevate the patient experience despite physical limitations. 

Ohmni Robot allows users to create interactive experiences they control — from across the building or across the globe. Anyone can use Ohmni to initiate face-to-face video calls with just one click, creating a hands-free experience for patients who may be too ill to hold a device such as a cell phone or iPad. To learn more about Ohmni for healthcare, visit our website.

About OhmniLabs

OhmniLabs’ vision is to deliver human-centric robots that provide connection and support to anyone, from anywhere in the world. At a time when countries around the world have been hobbled by COVID-19, OhmniLabs is delivering a fully dependable telepresence solution especially popular among healthcare institutions looking to reduce infection rates, evaluate patient health, and allow virtual hospital visits while governments enforce shelter-in-place guidelines all while keeping overhead costs low. 

Our products also provide solutions for education, workplaces, and senior living that are customizable to fit the needs of anyone who needs a safe and real way to communicate in any environment.


*Rules and restrictions to do apply. Please be sure to read our Official Rules on our website. Void where prohibited.

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OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot

The World’s Premier UV Disinfection Robot

OhmniLabs is at the forefront of designing and producing top-tier autonomous mobile robots. Our fully automated UV disinfection robot provides exceptional efficacy and cost-savings in all types of settings including offices, schools, sports stadiums, or anywhere else in need of a disinfecting robot.

Book a personalized demo to discover how our OhmniClean UV robot utilizes the power of UV-C light to eradicate harmful pathogens, bacteria, and fungi. You’ll quickly see why UV-C disinfection is the best solution to keep your facilities safe, clean, and successful.

* OhmniClean is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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“Made in the USA and shipped worldwide. Ohmni robots are reasonably priced, fast and easy to set up and use, typically within minutes. Get yours today!”
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