Advancing Hospital Disinfection: The Emergence of Hospital Disinfection Robots

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Advancing Hospital Disinfection: The Emergence of Hospital Disinfection Robots

The fight against pathogens is an ongoing struggle, especially in hospitals and healthcare facilities where the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) has long posed significant challenges. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 1.7 million patients in hospitals contract HAIs each year while receiving treatment for other medical conditions. Tragically, over 98,000 of these patients, or about one in every 17, lose their lives as a result of these infections.

The Need for Improved Disinfection Systems

Hospitals must therefore maintain the highest standards of cleaning and disinfection. However, traditional disinfection systems have shortcomings:

  1. Electrostatic sprayers, These systems aim to disperse chemical solutions that “wrap around” objects, have been found to be deficient. The potentially harmful effects of chemicals and the limited effectiveness of the wrap-around effect have been underscored by agencies such as the EPA.
  2. Manual UV disinfection systems, while popular, these systems can be bulky, require extensive technical training, and are often prohibitively expensive, with costs sometimes surpassing $100,000.

The Rise of Autonomous UV Disinfection Robots

Recently, there has been a growing interest in autonomous UV systems for hospital disinfection. These systems have gained attention because of their ability to move independently within a room, effectively utilizing UV light to disinfect all surfaces. Yet, these systems can be bulky, hindering navigation and thorough disinfection in congested or intricate spaces.

OhmniClean Uv disinfection robot in an OR

Introducing OhmniClean: The Future of Hospital Disinfection

Recognizing these challenges, OhmniLabs leveraged its extensive robotics expertise to engineer OhmniClean, an autonomous UV-C hospital disinfection robot. This breakthrough aims to elevate disinfection practices and foster a healthier global community.

How OhmniClean Works

OhmniClean fuses the established pathogen-eliminating potency of UV light, which boasts a 99.99% success rate, with the autonomous functionality of robots. A single button press activates the robot, allowing it to independently navigate an entire room, considerably cutting down turnover time, and readying rooms for the next patient without necessitating human contact with harmful chemicals typically used in manual disinfection.

Overcoming Spatial Challenges

Despite the autonomy of these robots, they might not be able to access every area. Numerous hospital and healthcare facility rooms are filled with complex equipment in restricted spaces. If a UV disinfection system can’t efficiently navigate and fit into these tight spaces, the room might not be fully disinfected, potentially leaving infectious agents behind. OhmniClean addresses this problem with its design that boasts:

  1. A small footprint – approximately 1/4 the size of competing autonomous solutions
  2. A lightweight structure weighing less than 70 lbs. This enables it to reach even the most crowded spaces, ensuring comprehensive UV light exposure and effective disinfection.


In summary, the OhmniClean UV-C disinfection robot represents a significant advancement in hospital disinfection methods. By integrating the proven benefits of UV light with advanced robotics, OhmniLabs is aiding in the transition to a new era in the fight against hospital-acquired infections.

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