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#290 Innovation Labs Event – Ohmni for Elder Care

Thursday November 15, 2018

Thanks for joining me, Mary Furlong & Associates, for our recap of the recent AARP Innovation Labs, “It’s Never Too Late Startup Business Pitch Competition,” pitch event. Check each one out, these are some cool new startups, focused on aging.

#290 Innovation Labs Event – Thuc Vu – OHMNILabs

OhmniLabs CEO and Co-founder spoke with the Not Older, Better audience about Ohmni for elder care after participating in the “It’s Never Too Late Startup Business Pitch Competition” in Washington, D.C. OhmniLabs has developed Ohmni, a telepresence robot that helps seniors feel more connected to family and friends beyond a phone call or video call. The robot is a physical embodiment of the senior who can control the robot without having to leave their home. This also gives more flexibility to the receivers of the call to be hands-free, enabling a more natural depiction of real-life for the senior to be part of.

The simple setup uses wi-fi and no software. Ohmni consists of a tablet, a navigation camera, and a front-facing camera and is human-height to best mimic an in-person experience. Ohmni is light and foldable and easy to carry around to different locations.

The Ohmni business model is a good one. It hinges on defining the challenge that the technology that OhmniLabs is trying to solve. In the United States, there are 6 million people over the age of 85. Experts estimate that by 2050, that number will jump to 19 million. And a question looms over those numbers — who is going to take care of us? And who is going to pay for our care? The average cost of a year in a nursing home in the United States is over $80,000 and home services provided by humans are $48,000. At the same time, care facilities are already reporting a shortage of qualified nurses. So, of course, one of the classes of solutions proposed to this looming problem is technology and OhmniLabs has a solution.

To learn more about Ohmni for elder care, please go to: To purchase your own Ohmni telepresence robot, click here.