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10 Tech Holiday Gifts for your Grandparents

Friday November 18, 2016

If you’ve got grandparents that need to be brought into the modern age, then these tech devices are perfect for a surprise gift this Christmas. Not only will these holiday gifts help keep your grandparents safe, they will maintain their independence and boost morale.

1. Fitbit

With an extra large interface this Fitbit will help your grandparents stay active daily. Exercise is a fantastic way to boost health and vitality as we age.

2. Medcentre Pill Organizer

Staying on top of all those pills and medications is daunting. It’s easy to forget to take one or take too many of another – but not anymore! This magical device makes it super easy to organize pills and even sets reminders to take medication.

3. Help Alert System

For added peace of mind a basic alert system can be shared between your grandparents and their carers to maintain independence and improve in-home care.

4. Visually Impaired Keyboardost grandparents need to look at the keys as they type, having clear and large sized font to identify keys makes typing easy.

5. Snapfon ezTWO (elderly mobile phone)

Staying in touch with friends and family couldn’t be easier with this easy to use mobile. Your grandparents will make and receive calls with ease.

6. Cognitive Tablet

Games and puzzles are great ways to stimulate the mind as we age. This simple device comes with plenty of mind games to keep your grandparents switched on.

7. Blood Pressure Monitor

Checking blood pressure regularly can help your grandparents identify problems with their medication before they lead to more serious conditions.

8. Pulse Monitor

A quick check of your grandparents pulse can help convince them of when they are ‘overdoing it’ around the house and to take a much needed rest.

9. Home Surveillance System

Being able to see who’s knocking on your door before you open it, is a great way to stay safe when your grandparents are home alone.

10. GPS Locator

It’s pretty easy to get lost as we get older. Having a device that enables you to find your grandparents easily can make life a lot less stressful.