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Telepresence Robot Features Overview: 12 Reasons to Purchase Ohmni®

The telepresence robot market is heating up. And it’s no surprise considering the changing nature of work and our increasingly global, connected lifestyles. Why limit yourself to interacting and communicating with those around you when you can use telepresence to place yourself in a remote location instantly? If you’re in the market for a telepresence robot, then you’ll want to brush up on the industry leaders and learn how they compare. Below is a quick overview of the Ohmni telepresence robot along with three of our competitors. Learn what to telepresence robot features to consider before choosing one and how Ohmni’s features stand out above the rest.


OhmniLabs was recently featured on the cover of Nikkei Robotics, a Japanese robotics magazine. The Global Watch story features an interview with...

Lifewire | The 8 Best Telepresence Robots of 2019

Lifewire names Ohmni Supercam one of the best telepresence robots. Telecommuting is great, but sometimes chat, email, and phone calls just aren’t...

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